About Mathew K Jallow

A naturalized US citizen exiled from The Gambia, West Africa, Mathew K Jallow is a practicing journalist, writer, political activist, human rights advocate, and expert on African development. Mr Jallow has consulted with U.N experts, development executives and international non-profit managers. He has extensive experience in organizational administration and nonprofit management, and holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Hospitality Management, and a graduate degree in Public Administration. In 2012, Mr Jallow was sentenced to death in absentia, which was commuted to life sentence, for his role in efforts to hold public demonstrations against the military dictatorship. In Wisconsin where he lives, he has worked in state government and nonprofit organizations. Prior to fleeing to the US, Mr Jallow worked in senior executive positions in two of the largest international non-profit organizations; Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Germany, and Action Aid International, UK.

The Gambia: The new African Revolution finally arrives; a new Gambian spirit is born

By Mathew K Jallow   Last week, Gambia suddenly burst out into the international limelight as the newest flashpoint of spectacular political failure, and civil unrest; the culmination of two decades of festering political discontent and strident opposition to a regime deeply entrenched in assassinations and economic plunder. The week began with the fearless march [...]

The Gambia: A story of political nihilism and moral and political rebellion

By Mathew K Jallow Since 2000, elections in the Gambia have been a recurrent exercise in futility and deception, with grave, real life consequences for the Gambian people. The last four elections cycles, and the efforts to present a united opposition character, have routinely been marred by Faustian duplicity; completely disregarding the Gambia’s monumental political [...]

Senegambia: endless border closures, dysfunctional relations, and the curse of Yahya Jammeh

By Mathew K Jallow Border closures between neighbor countries happen rarely, and when they do, it is typically over issues of significant economic and political interest and weight. The prevalence of indistinguishable artificial boundaries around the world, notwithstanding, most countries expend a considerable amount of effort to promote mutual co-existence, avoid discord, and often disregard [...]

The Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s fifth term, failed political system, collapsed institutions; the drift towards political calamity

By Mathew K Jallow  In South Africa, the incessant political tremors surrounding Jacob Zuma’s incompetence, center on the charismatic, young firebrand, Julius Malema. In Uganda, the opposition leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye, is not going down without a fight, in the aftermath of that country’s fraudulent elections. And in Burundi, opposition leader, Agathon Rwas, fears the [...]