About Mathew K Jallow

A naturalized US citizen exiled from The Gambia, West Africa, Mathew K Jallow is a practicing journalist, writer, political activist, human rights advocate, and expert on African development. Mr Jallow has consulted with U.N experts, development executives and international non-profit managers. He has extensive experience in organizational administration and nonprofit management, and holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Hospitality Management, and a graduate degree in Public Administration. In 2012, Mr Jallow was sentenced to death in absentia, which was commuted to life sentence, for his role in efforts to hold public demonstrations against the military dictatorship. In Wisconsin where he lives, he has worked in state government and nonprofit organizations. Prior to fleeing to the US, Mr Jallow worked in senior executive positions in two of the largest international non-profit organizations; Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Germany, and Action Aid International, UK.

 The Gambia: Inviting radical strain of Islam, the rise of political activism, and overdue political change

By Mathew K Jallow Pushing citizens against the wall has historical precedence that has often tested the extremes of their tolerance levels, and sparked mass resistance and rebellions. The backlashes frequently incite fearless expressions of discontent that spiral into political skirmishes, and result in an oppressed people’s liberation from state terror. These spontaneous outbursts of grassroots [...]

The Gambia: Opposition incarceration, the GDC and the uncertain future of Gambian politics

By Mathew K Jallow The verdict was not unexpected and when it came, it demonstrated a familiar pattern in political repression. The court proceedings were quintessential Kangaroo trials that quickly degenerated into lectures in jurisprudence from an eminent lawyer, party leader, Hon Ousainou Darboe, to a visibly shaken Nigerian judge, whose legal proficiency screams embarrassing [...]

The Gambia: PDOIS’s ideological rigidity and NRP’s buffoonery; boon for Yahya Jammeh

By Mathew K Jallow  The needless gratuitous assaults, in reaction to diaspora responses to the political nightmare of the last four weeks, raise the concerns of a baffled dissident movement. Halifa Sallah’s frequent snipes at the diaspora movement are counter-intuitive and unnecessary, considering the unwritten compact that binds Mr Sallah’s political organization with the dissident [...]

The Gambia: Joint ECOWAS, AU. UN mission report; inter-party dialogue miss point

By Mathew K Jallow The tripartite report implicitly exonerates protestations against the unbearable oppression, and, by extension, concedes the prevalence of politics burdened by the state’s crushing overreach, but fell far short of acknowledging the twenty-one years of violence, which underpins Gambian politics. The report is also a rehash of the African Union and ECOWAS [...]

The Gambia: UDP’s Ousainou Darbo; the Gambia’s face of change

By Mathew K Jallow . For a man renowned more for his soft-spoken and gentle mannerism, this is not exactly a simple dog fight. It is more like a gladiatorial battle for the heart and soul of a battered people. What is happening in the Gambia is the predictable outcome of a rudderless regime cruising dangerously [...]