About Mathew K Jallow

A naturalized US citizen exiled from The Gambia, West Africa, Mathew K Jallow is a practicing journalist, writer, political activist, human rights advocate, and expert on African development. Mr Jallow has consulted with U.N experts, development executives and international non-profit managers. He has extensive experience in organizational administration and nonprofit management, and holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Hospitality Management, and a graduate degree in Public Administration. In 2012, Mr Jallow was sentenced to death in absentia, which was commuted to life sentence, for his role in efforts to hold public demonstrations against the military dictatorship. In Wisconsin where he lives, he has worked in state government and nonprofit organizations. Prior to fleeing to the US, Mr Jallow worked in senior executive positions in two of the largest international non-profit organizations; Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Germany, and Action Aid International, UK.

The Gambia: Intellectuals, academics and professional fall behind Adama Barrow’s candidature; this train cannot be derailed

By Mathew K Jallow Over the last twenty years, compelling social, cultural and economic rationales have been floated around to make the case for radical political change, which have successfully erased the toxic political misinformation, inflamed citizens’ passions, and altered the political paradigm in Gambian’s consciousness. But, it wasn’t always easy. Yahya Jammeh’s tyranny has [...]

The Gambia: incommunicado detention of Amb. Sajo M Jallow, and the paradoxical role of the judiciary in cannibalizing Gambia’s justice system

By Mathew K Jallow  It is one of those occasions that stun Gambians and further deepen international hostility towards a regime completely preoccupied with the destruction of its primordial asset; its people, its very soul. The abduction and subsequent detention of Ambassador Sajo Momodou Jallow, nearly two months ago, so soon after the murders and [...]