The Africana House, Inc., Executive Director, Mathew K Jallow

The Executive Director, Mathew K Jallow, a naturalized US citizen, is a political asylee having fled his native country where he sentenced to death in absentia for treason.  Following the military coup that toppled the democratically elected government, Mr Jallow was a vocal opposition to the new regime and fled only after some of his close associates were murdered by the regime. A fierce opponent of military rule and corruption across Africa, Mr Jallow has written extensively about the plight facing the people of his native Gambia and Africa. As an unapologetic good governance campaigner, Mr Jallow travelled to many African countries where he observed the devastation by pervasive corruption and the arrogance of bureaucracies, which continue to thwart the continent’s development efforts, despite the massive infusion of funds from the west over the past half century. Mr Jallow is a development professional who has worked with the two major European non-profit organizations, expanding access to primary education and the provision of nutrition  to mothers and their babies in communities around his country. In the US, Mr Jallow has extensive experience assisting the homeless, underprivileged, ex-felons, refugees and jobless Americans. In addition, as a homeless shelter manager, he provided counseling to families and individuals and assisted in their movement from shelters to independent living. Mr Jallow holds several college degrees; including, Business Administration and graduate degrees in Public Administration and Student Administration. His academic research on the effects of Foreign Aid in Africa’s underdevelopment, is published in a college text and library reference book. Mr Jallow is renowned for his perennial campaign against corruption across Africa, and his work, syndicated in papers and journals, distinguishes his record and set him apart.