Dane County Exec Calls For Immigrant Assistance Fund

Thursday, February 16, 2017, 2:45pm By Shamane Mills If County Board Approves, Private Funds Would Supplement Initial 75K From Taxpayers Dane County is proposing a plan to help immigrants find legal assistance and social services. Executive Joe Parisi says his proposal is designed to help people gain citizenship in a part of the state that relies on [...]

Wisconsin Association of Black Men will host Black Men’s Initiative Forum

The Wisconsin Association of Black Men will host a two-day symposium, the 6th Annual Black Men’s Initiative, at Grainger Hall on the UW-Madison campus Feb. 24 and 25. It will delve into issues facing black men with the intention of informing, educating and seeking solutions. “We really want people to walk away with a broad [...]

The myth and paradox of Wisconsin liberalism

By Mathew K Jallow The statistics are striking, but far from shocking. For the two decades in which I have observed race relations in Wisconsin, I never ceased to be amazed by the falsity with which the state is perceived as a bastion of liberalism. To many outsiders, Wisconsin may appear progressive; a place where life for [...]

Fitzgerald highlights areas of concern in Walker’s budget plan

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says lawmakers may split with the governor on several areas in his budget, including funding for K-12, tax cuts, the school choice program and self-insurance, among others. Fitzgerald predicted lawmakers will agree to increasing funding for K-12 education in the upcoming biennium. But he wouldn’t commit to the $649 million [...]

The Gambia: basic ideas for structural and institutional reforms

By Mathew K Jallow  Prologue Institutions are the building blocks of the state. The First Republic boasted of a robust institutional framework, albeit, an internally weak one, which lacked accountability and impeded development. The social disquiet that flared up in 1981, and the 1994 military take-over, were byproducts of a system that had grown bloated, [...]