The Gambia: The new African Revolution finally arrives; a new Gambian spirit is born

By Mathew K Jallow   Last week, Gambia suddenly burst out into the international limelight as the newest flashpoint of spectacular political failure, and civil unrest; the culmination of two decades of festering political discontent and strident opposition to a regime deeply entrenched in assassinations and economic plunder. The week began with the fearless march [...]

The Gambia: A story of political nihilism and moral and political rebellion

By Mathew K Jallow Since 2000, elections in the Gambia have been a recurrent exercise in futility and deception, with grave, real life consequences for the Gambian people. The last four elections cycles, and the efforts to present a united opposition character, have routinely been marred by Faustian duplicity; completely disregarding the Gambia’s monumental political [...]