The soullessness of Africa; curse of The Gambia

By Mathew K Jallow Senile octogenarians, youthful maniacs, barbaric psychopaths, and crude nitwits; they all share the same idiosyncrasies: greed, moral decadence, ignorance, cruelty. They dress in leopard skin, popularized a fashion trend, owned lion statues, sat on golden thrones, and carry the Islamic Quran close to their chest. They bear the blame for Africa’s [...]

The Gambia: An Islamic state or colossal media blunder

By Mathew K Jallow There were no rumors, no discussions, and not even official clues as to what was about to happen to the Gambia. Last week, when Yahya Jammeh said, at a Brufut meeting, a coastal town sixteen miles south of the capital city, Banjul, that “Gambia will become an Islamic state,” his ambiguity [...]

Africa: In praise of Macky Sall, Muhammed Buhari and John Magufuli

By Mathew K Jallow It is an historic failure of epic proportions, which began gradually, but steadily metastasized into an abominable culture. Africa, after half a century, continues to agonize over the painful inability to shake off the vile image of the continent as the cesspool of incompetence and obscene levels of corruption. The universal [...]