The Gambia: The Macky Sall factor and the threats of Senegal’s democracy

By Mathew K Jallow The verbal clash that just erupted between Senegal’s President, Macky Sall, and Yahya Jammeh, epitomizes the dichotomy between democracy and tyranny, but it also illustrates the simmering diplomatic schism and benign political rift, which has eroded the fraternal relations between the sister countries. Yahya Jammeh’s unflattering vilification of two former and [...]

The African Union and the triumph of evil in Gambia

By Mathew K Jallow After more than twenty years of tyranny, the single consequential blow-back on the Gambia’s murderous regime, under Yahya Jammeh, was the regional body; ECOWAS’s rejection of an observer status to the Gambia’s predetermined presidential elections. That was back in 2011. The Hon. James Victor Gbeho, then President of ECOWAS, personified the [...]